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I am almost done with the program. I am excited. I have packed most of my stuff and is going to take a long nap on thursday night. I will love it.


So I am not sure if anyone posted anything on Ohayocon. But if you go to there website they did this crazy thing for April fools. Go check it out. It is very amusing.

Change of topic.

I am all excited. I think I got a job at a medieval faire. I am so happy. I will see if I got it when I get a package that has a whole bunch of information in it.


I am so excited! I am going to tryout for the medieval faire in Geneva. The interesting part is that I need to save money for gas. I also need to finish my temps and get an actual license. But I am still so EXCITED! Also Ju-chan and Jai-chan sorry that I can't go to ACEN with you. I think a job is more important. Also if I do get the job I have to go to all the rehearsals starting on the 10th of May. I am sorry.


Does anyone know a good theatre that I could go and work at in Japan? I would rather go to Japan then do a theatre here in a America. Because I love Japan. So please can some one tell me a theatre to talk to.


Why is there two weeks where I have school for only four days? I am a lay person. I want to do absoultly nothing those days. But no. I have to. I is angry. Okay I am done with my rant.


I don't know if I am likeable anymore. My own sister will not hang out with me. Wahhhhhhhh! I am sad.
Why did they move Colossalcon to Beachwood? It is a nice hotel, don't get me wrong. But why now?

Can't help it.

Ok so I downloaded all theses icons and they are wonderful. But the one on this entry is one of the best.

Orochimaru can't have his body now.


I just got a whole bunch of icons and avatars. I am happy.
Seriously, are people trying to put me and presidentpwn3r together?

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Wow, J-chan.... wow.

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